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Short Message

The Short Messaging service is a great way to send a quick communication to a Globalstar customer.

Key Benefits

  • Allows customers with the GSP-1600 and GSP-1700 handset to receive 35-character Text Messages.
  • The phone automatically stores up to 91 35-character messages ( if messages are less than 35 characters, the total message capacity may increase.
  • Message Waiting Indicator informs you when you have a message.
  • You can send a message from anywhere in the world to a Globalstar GSP-1600 & GSP-1700 Phone by filling in the fields below.

To send a short message (no more than 35 characters including spaces):
1. Enter the intended recipient's 10-digit Globalstar Satellite phone number.
2. Enter your message in the corresponding message field below.

After entering the information, click Send Message. The message will be sent to the Globalstar number provided.

Satellite Phone Number: 
Your Message: 

Note: A message can also be sent through email by entering the satellite number of the intended recipient @msg.globalstar.com