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Combining a cloud-based software platform with rugged GPS devices and global satellite and cellular networks, Geoforce's Track and Trace solutions provide visibility and control over your field operations. Geoforce is the only company to offer the world's only IECEX/ATEX Zone 0 certified GPS tracking device, the revolutionary GT1 global asset tracker.

Geoforce has deployments on six continents with over 400 companies, and is headquartered near Dallas/Fort Worth international airport, with customer operations based in Houston, Texas and research and development offices in Bozeman, Montana. Geoforce do Brasil is located in Macae, Brazil. Geoforce Australia is located in Perth, Australia. Geoforce UK is located in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Contact: Roopa Misra,
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VehSmart's system integrates a sophisticated GPS enabled telematics device with cellular and satellite connectivity to deliver a feature rich set of services and information - think OnStar® on steroids - to automobile, motorcycle, truck, and boat users around the world.

The primary VehSmart system plugs into a vehicle's onboard diagnostic computer port (OBDII port - typically under the dashboard on driver's side) and provides two-way information and control of automobile systems. The "plug & play" device, plugged into the vehicle while on a dealer's lot, provides valuable information to the dealership to help manage inventory, improve sales and increase profitability of individual dealership. The same device, sold to the car buyer, becomes an enhanced OnStar™ like product. VehSmart can be plugged into any car manufactured since 1997. http://www.vehsmart.com/commercial.htm

In addition, VehSmart offers a feature rich satellite based system which can be used to track assets just about anywhere around the world. Currently VehSmart is employing this technology to locate and monitor artisanal fishing vessels in Ecuador as part of a government program. They are utilizing the device to combat piracy and save lives. VehSmart is proud that several other countries have reached out with desires to create and utilize the same technology. In a marine environment satellite technology is the most effective solution. http://www.globalstar.com/en/index.php?cid=7010&pressId=820

VehSmart is extremely pleased with its partnership with Globalstar. We are offering a variety of solutions using the Globalstar line of products. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Contact: Brian Story
760-245-8252 or call 855-VehSmart
bstory@vehsmart.com or sales@vehsmart.com
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Certified Tracking Solutions

Certified Tracking Solutions offers specialized fleet management systems for companies across the globe. We work with our customers to determine the best solution based on their specific need set, industry, asset type and geographic location. Our technology supports and enhances asset security, fleet tracking, alert monitoring and numerous reporting techniques to help reduce risk and maximize efficiency. Assets can be tracked utilizing a combination of cellular or satellite communication technologies and monitored through a variety of our PC or web based interfaces.

Contact: Liam Cusack
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ZTR Control Systems

Companies you know and trust in the off road equipment & engine markets have chosen the i3 Platform™ by ZTR™. The i3 Platform provides all of the essential elements needed to quickly implement a GPS/Telematics solution tailored to your business.

What makes i3™ different:

  • Access data from multiple telematics silos through a single connection on the i3 Network™, creating one consolidated source for reports and tools.
  • Create your own brand for telematics services, powered by i3.
  • Leverage a flexible design allowing you to achieve your own ROI objectives.
  • Tap into extensive J1939 engine data and use it to transform your business.
  • Have cloud-based software and security that are managed on your behalf.
  • Gain the reliability and strength of a proven industry leader, giving you peace of mind that your tools and reports will stand the test of time.

ZTR has over 25 years' experience making complex telematics simple.

Contact: Ian Munro
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Nupoint Systems Inc.

Nupoint Systems Inc. provides solutions for companies requiring two-way communication with their assets and personnel in remote locations where failure is not an option.

Nupoint designs and manufactures robust satellite / cellular data equipment and, as a Globalstar Value Added Manufacturer, offers satellite data plans. Controlling the design, manufacturing, and service allows Nupoint to tailor solutions to customer requirements.

The following is a sample of Nupoint equipment used for remote communications solutions:

  • The Nupoint SD200-G is a rugged all-in-one satellite data transceiver enabling duplex machine-to-machine communications for mobile or fixed applications and is well suited for applications in Oil & Gas, forestry, environmental monitoring, water management, mobile fleet management, and remote cameras.
  • The Nupoint Companion is a pocket-sized email device that provides a "send and forget" experience for email over satellite. Multiple users are able to access their own email accounts via their choice of WiFi enabled devices, including Iphone®, Android™, Blackberry®, tablets, or laptops, without the need for additional software.

Contact: 604-998-4680
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Comtech Mobile Datacom

Comtech Mobile Datacom(CMDC) SENS is the inventor of the Globalstar Simplex System. Since its inception in 2001 we have provided the Gateway Appliqué(ground station) infrastructure for the entire Globalstar Simplex network. Every product transmitting on the Simplex system is using the patented CMDC SENS waveform to reliably send its information to the user. CMDC also provides customers the convenience of our easy to use web portal, AssetView. AssetView allows a high degree of customer configuration in managing the field deployed hardware and in reporting results in a wide variety of forms, over various media. Alerts and field data can be reported to a user in near real time with text message and voice alert notifications. Our support, system knowledge and partnerships enable Comtech Mobile Datacom Corp. to be your trusted service provider of choice.

Contact: Ian Itz
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AtlasTrax Communications

AtlasTrax Communications Corporation provides communications, data analysis, and messaging by cellular and satellite for asset tracking and M2M applications globally.  The company develops custom solutions for solution providers, customers and for its own growing portfolio of products.   With a focus on Globalstar, we deploy a broad range of solutions for boating, trucking, aviation and stationary assets.  Messaging and data get transferred by email, SMS and other protocols as required for the solution.   The message server handles message formats of most cellular and satellite providers including SmartOne, Spot and MMT and many other Globalstar-based units.   The AtlasTrax customer portal provides historical location, data access and  a rich mapping solution.   Contact us for helping you develop your unique solution or service.



Petro-Viron provides telemetry and M2M solutions to the energy, transportation and chemical industries. We monitor fuel, lube, chemical, propane and fertilizer storage tanks and also offer solutions for the tracking of equipment assets such as frac tanks, transport trailers and more.

Since 1991, Petro-Viron has web-enabled thousands of tanks, assets and other devices to help companies achieve total asset visibility, reduce costs and improve service levels.

Contact: Petro-Viron

Qv21 Technologies

Qv21 Technologies provides innovative state-of-the-art logistics support solutions using proven technologies. Qv21's signature software product, TheLogisticsFramework™ (TLF), automatically and seamlessly provides dispatchers, truckers, administrative staff and managers an unparalleled yet low-cost view of assets and load details. Real-time situational awareness allows for complete command and control. Electronic ticketing reduces costs on multiple levels of the supply chain, and the capability to integrate the collected data further enhances its value, reducing the time to billing, accelerating cashflow and further reducing labor costs. Integrated remote area asset tracking allows personnel to track and monitor all of their assets through TLF's GeoTrack module. When you are ready to add greater efficiency to your solutions, please contact Qv21 Technologies to discuss your own unique situation. We're here to help.

Contact: +1 (855) 853 7821
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Blue Oceans Satellite

Blue Oceans Satellite Systems Inc. (BOSS) is the designer of SkyHawk satellite data communications and monitoring systems. By delivering on our Connect Anywhere philosophy, BOSS is a leading supplier of robust, cost-effective, innovative satellite data communications solutions for businesses and governments. A single source service provider of global communication solutions, linking field operations with central office environments to facilitate actionable, real time decisions.

Our product offerings include the SkyHawk web-based monitoring solution, hardware, activation and airtime services. We also offer a white label website which allows companies to monitor and track fleets of assets under their brand for either internal company operations or as a value added service to their clients.

Our monitoring services support the SkyHawk 1720, SmartOne, SPOT, and many other third party devices.

Contact us or visit our website for more details.

Contact: Mark Gillingham, Director of Marketing & Sales
1-709-737-2583 Ext 23
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Forest Technology Systems

Forest Technology Systems was founded in 1980 to address the demanding weather information requirements of the world's premier forest fire management agencies. Today, FTS equipment is measuring, recording, and analyzing a variety of environmental conditions for applications at all levels of government, including wildland fire prevention, containment and management, and urban interface risk planning. FTS' monitoring stations reflect more than three decades of technological advancement focused on a goal of designing and manufacturing the world's most reliable, simplest to use, and easiest to maintain systems.

FTS stations have proven themselves under the most demanding conditions, from the most remote northern regions of Canada to the sun beaten, wind-blown salt and sand of the Mexican coast. Our customers include over 50 government agencies in the United States, Canada, and Mexico: customers who demand the highest levels of reliability, accuracy, and operational effectiveness.

We continue to make constant improvements to our existing products and are busy creating new tools and systems for the world's meteorological and hydrological monitoring communities.

Contact: Chris Lindsay

Cangulf International

Cangulf International is a System Integrator, Services and Consulting business based in Ontario, Canada. Cangulf has been actively involved in Middle East business for over three decades and enjoys respect and credibility with clients. With a complete and through knowledge of Middle East, business and sociopolitical environment, Cangulf is proudly serving the region with high quality products and services from Canada.

We are opening up new avenues for Canadian businesses in lucrative Middle East market. Cangulf offers a full range of Fleet Management, Asset Management and workforce security solution for clients in Canada and Middle East region.

For details please visit www.cangulf.ca

Advanced Flow Technologies Inc.

Advanced Flow Technologies Inc. keeps oil and gas flowing and your equipment running. Costing a fraction of traditional SCADA systems, data is presented through our Internet website (or back office connection) showing the status, historical trends, as well as optional alarm notification. Units are self powered, certified for use in hazardous locations, and last for years in the field without maintenance. If you have any questions please contact:
Caleb Pierce
403-212-2382 x 350

Tank Monitoring

The Xact® Tank Monitoring System is a product line of Schmitt Industries, Inc., which designs, manufactures and markets highly precise test and measurement equipment for a variety of applications around the world. The Xact system utilizes ultrasonic technology to determine the fill levels of large or small storage tanks, such as for liquefied propane. An ultrasonic sensor is applied externally to the tank to calculate the liquid level inside a large tank to + 2% ( +/- 1% for small tanks) and transmit that data via the Globalstar™ satellite network to a secure website for display. Operators can now obtain highly accurate readings and tank information from even the most remote tanks conveniently and cost-effectively using their desktop PC, laptop, iPad or smart phone. With the Xact system, minimum or maximum alarm or fill levels can be set to automatically notify operators by email anytime a particular tank reading exceeds thresholds and needs filling. The Xact system can be used to monitor tanks as small as 125 gallons (473 liters) and as large as 90,000 gallons (340,686 liters). With Xact, operators can obtain timely and accurate readings of inventory levels and tank refill requirements instantly.

Contact: Chris Job
(503) 227-7908

iTrackrentals Inc.

iTrackrentals Inc. (iTrack) provides strategic asset identification and marketing solutions through a unique blend of proven on-demand technologies, industry specific expertise and a comprehensive customer support centre. iTrack allows 24 hour monitoring of the asset's physical location and utilization intervals. In addition to providing the service provider with real-time asset information and an anti-theft solution, iTrack displays the asset's identity on a public mapping platform available to all operators sourcing equipment closer to their project.

The company's leadership team and network of business partners offer a diverse collection of oil and gas experience, web-site development, and corporate guidance. In addition to our fully staffed support center, iTrack also employs a team of software engineers who continually enhance web-based technologies, design customized applications to meet the client's requirements and develop industry-specific IT solutions.
Contact: Misty Allen

Fleet Analytics

Fleet Analytics offers WideAwake AM PM Technology Solutions™ for mobile security and GPS tracking. We specialize in mobile and stationary asset tracking and in-vehicle security for fleets of all sizes including safety patrols, service and delivery, livery, and heavy equipment used on construction sites. Our web-based WideAwake application service is affordable, flexible, and uniquely tailored to meet our customers' specific needs.

Contact: 888-226-7779
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GE's Asset Intelligence division is a solutions provider within Equipment Services and represents the 'intellectual horsepower' of GE, deployed to address the challenges of the global supply chain. GE's VeriWise™ solutions platform leverages the latest communications and web technologies, to enable better tracking, monitoring and management of valuable transportation assets and cargo. With access to real-time, actionable intelligence (not raw data), GE customers are empowered to make more informed decisions about securing and optimizing their asset portfolios and streamlining their supply chains. At GE, we believe that what our customers imagine, we can help make happen.

Contact: Gautham Appaya
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GPS North America

GPS North America is an industry leading provider of GPS Tracking Systems. We provide low cost off the shelf GPS Solutions for Fleet and Trailer management, as well as anti theft and security solutions for vehicles, heavy equipment, field service equipment, and non powered assets such as Trailers and Containers.

Our powerful, yet easy to use Web Application provides Global Mapping, Satellite Imagery, and full address reporting. In addition to Location based services, GPS North America offers engine hour reporting and alerts for equipment maintenance as well as Electronic DOT driver logs for Hours of Service Validation. Our team of developers has the experience and ability to provide customized solutions and services such as data integration into 3rd party applications. GPS North America is the parent company of TrailerTracking.com

Contact: Todd Lewis
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Independent Technologies

Independent Technologies, Inc. has been in the telecommunications business for over 25 years and develops, manufactures and supports the many different components of the WESROC(r) RMS Remote Telemetry System. The WESROC system is popular in the fuels industry including remote monitoring of propane tanks, liquid fuel tanks, and waste tanks. WESROC also supports monitoring gas meters, temperature sensors, switch closure devices, industrial 4-20mA current loops, RS-232 data sources, and more. WESROC was created with an open-ended architecture allowing for new sensors to be easily incorporated. Anything that can be measured can be monitored and new sensor applications are routinely developed. Among other types of WAN communication used by the WESROC system, the Satellite Base Unit leverages the world-wide coverage of the Globalstar Simplex Network. The SBU communicates locally with sensors using the 900MHz ISM band and supports up to fifteen separate sensor transmitters from one SBU. The SBU also incorporates a GPS receiver providing precise geographical asset location.

Contact: Tim O'Dell
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Numerex Corp

Numerex Corp (Nasdaq: NMRX) is a leading provider of business services, technology, and products used in the development and support of machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions for the enterprise and government markets worldwide. The Company offers Numerex DNA® that includes hardware and smart Devices, cellular and satellite Network services, and software Applications that are delivered through Numerex FAST® (Foundation Application Software Technology). We provide the transportation, oil and gas industries and government agencies with off-the-shelf fully packaged global asset tracking products and wireless sensor technologies with configurable application features including asset location, event triggers, and notification alerts. Numerex is ISO 27001 information security-certified and a variety of our products are certified to withstand harsh environments or for military use. "Machines Trust Us®" represents the Company's focus on M2M data security, service reliability, and round-the-clock support of its customers' M2M solutions. For additional information, please visit www.numerex.com.

Contact: Mike Oslin
1866- 398-9183
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Pivotel is Australia’s leading Mobile Satellite Services provider, a licensed carrier and the Globalstar operator for Australia, New Zealand and the surrounding regions, providing value added mobile satellite services to Government, Industry and consumers.

Pivotel provides TracerTrak®, a unique asset tracking solution that provides Global Asset Visibilty through real time tracking, monitoring and event alerting for fixed and mobile assets almost anywhere in the world. TracerTrak® has been developed to work with cellular GPRS and satellite technologies using a range of single mode and dual mode devices to provide virtually total global coverage. Self powered and line powered device options increase user flexibility and increase the range of remote assets that can be tracked and monitored. TracerTrak’s® sophisticated business rules engine makes asset management simple by alerting asset managers when unexpected or unplanned events occur. TracerTrak® works with the world’s leading mapping and directory providers to deliver the highest quality service suited to any location. TracerTrak® is available on a ‘white label’ basis to Value Added Resellers seeking to add asset tracking to their suite of products and services.

Pivotel also provides wholesale satellite carriage, data and billing services and hardware to Value Added Resellers across the region to enable the development of third party, vertically focused solutions.

Contact: Brian Heaven
+61 7 5630 3080
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Remote Dynamics, Inc.

Remote Dynamics, Inc. develops, markets, and supports REDIview, a state-of-the-art asset tracking and fleet management solution. REDIview is optimized for diverse fleets of vehicles and equipment. Our service contributes to higher customer revenues, enhanced operator efficiency and improved cost control. Combining the technologies of the GPS and various wireless technologies, REDIview improves our customers’ operating efficiencies through real-time status information, exception-based reporting, and historical analysis. The company is based in Plano, Texas.

Contact: Gary Hallgren
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SkyBitz is a leader in global remote asset management solutions, providing real-time information on the location and status of assets. More than 700 enterprises rely on SkyBitz technology to achieve total asset visibility, improved security, lower operating and capital expenses, and enhanced customer service. SkyBitz delivers its solution via SkyBitz Insight, a secure web-based application that is fully customizable and requires no software downloads. SkyBitz is a privately held company backed by Garvin Hill Capital Partners LLC, Highstar Capital, Inverness Graham Investments, Motorola Ventures and ITV, a fund of Cordova Ventures. For additional information, visit www.skybitz.com or the company blog at www.skybitz.com/blog

Contact: 877-275-9248
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Trakit provides some of the most innovative and effective GPS signaling, time, attendance and tracking solutions available for the bulk construction material producers and haulers industries (ready mix/concrete, aggregate/hauling, asphalt/paving), as well as other fleet, workforce or asset management-related operations. Our full suite of industry-specific products & services is designed and continually enhanced to meet your needs and includes some of the most cost-effective and reliable applications for increasing efficiency toward greater productivity and profitability. Select from or combine the very latest in technologies to give you the edge in fleet, workforce and asset management. Contact us today to help you transform the way you manage your business.

Contact: Rick Haviland
801- 273-0111
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