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Globalstar Data Price Plans

Enterprise Data Price Plans »

Globalstar offers affordable airtime pricing for all data-capable phones and special purpose modems, including Globalstar's GSP-1600 and GSP1700 handheld phones, Globalstar's GSP-2900 fixed phone system, and Globalstar's GSP-1620 satellite data modem.

Globalstar's Burst Data option enables customers to access the Internet or private networks, as well as transfer data from remote sensing and asset tracking stations for important cargo or other high-value assets. Bundled rates are as low as $0.08* per 15-second data session. Choose from six price plans to best meet your data communications requirements. Contact a Globalstar Dealer for complete details.

Duplex and Simplex Data and Tracking Products

For using duplex or simplex data modem products, please contact the representative in your area to inquire about enterprise data pricing for your needs.

United States / Government
Diego Mejia
+1 985-335-1527

Marty Jefferson
+1 905-712-7110

Jim Mandala
+1 905 712-7715

Latin America
Juan R. Porras
Office: + (507) 265 0432
Mobile + (507) 6677 4276

Rest of World
Thomas Babb

Rental Price Plans »

Do you need a Globalstar phone for a short-term period? Many of Globalstars dealers offer affordable and convenient daily, weekly, and/or monthly rental programs for customers. Renting a Globalstar phone is a quick and reliable way to stay in touch while in remote areas.

Please select a state to locate your nearest rental dealer.

Government Price Plans »

GSA Purchasers

Globalstar equipment and service is also available for GSA purchasers.
GSA Federal Supply Schedule GS-35F-0489S (ZF0489S)
For more information contact Tom Babb at 408-933-4404 thomas.babb@globalstar.com

Western States Contracting Alliance

Contract Number: MA249
Contract Website: www.aboutwsca.org/contracts/satellite_phones.cfm

For more information from State of Utah, please contact Debbie Gunderson, WSCA Contract Administrator at dgundersen@utah.gov or 801.538.3150.

Globalstar WSCA Customers

Globalstar offers satellite services to commercial and recreational users in more than 120 countries around the world. The Company's voice and data products include mobile and fixed satellite telephones, simplex and duplex satellite data modems and flexible service packages.

Globalstar Inc. is proud to provide its suite of duplex and simplex satellite communications products to any qualifying WSCA customer.

Qualifying WSCA customers benefit from discounts on Globalstar satellite equipment and service. WSCA customers can purchase Globalstar equipment and service from Globalstar directly by calling 877-728-7466 or from any authorized Globalstar/WSCA dealer [hyperlink to list]. In addition, all WSCA customers will benefit from Globalstar's Customer Care Center at 877-452-5782, Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to Midnight EST.

WSCA member states wishing to sign a Participating Addendum to the Globalstar / WSCA Contract should contact:
Donnie Hatch
Distribution Manager - Western US
Tel 503-307-5489