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GRIB Explorer

To access OCENS GRIB Explorer, install Globalstar Modem Software first.

Great weather information is now available in very small packages. GRIB Explorer harnesses the power of GRIB weather and ocean data in a simple, easy-to-use graphical user interface.

GRIB, short for GRIdded Binary, data presents weather and ocean information tailor-made for the Globalstar user. Because its format is inherently compressed, GRIB data enables the retrieval of several days’ worth of weather forecasts through your Globalstar phone in just seconds. And with a simple interface operating in synchrony with the streamlined data access engine of OCENS WeatherNet, GRIB Explorer helps you stay ahead of the weather or on top of the ocean conditions important to you.

OCENS is a leading software provider that helps people to affordably access and use weather, ocean and earth information anywhere in the world.